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You can find more info at http://tagilcoin.org/en/

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On November 21 2017 the first ever cryptocurrency from Russia's Ural has been launched. It's called Tagilcoin.

What does Tagil stand for? And what is the point of starting another cryptocurrency? Let us explain.

Tagilcoin is named after the Nizhniy Tagil city. Nizhny Tagil is an industrial center of the Middle Urals. Such highly power-intensive industries as ferrous metallurgy, engineering, chemistry, and metal working are well-developed in the city. Nizhny Tagil is located near the Europe-Asia border in Ural region in Russia.

We want Ural to thrive and to be independent from dollar economy and central banks. Ural once was at the bleeding edge of the Russia's industrial revolution. We hope that Tagilcoin will bring Ural back on track.

That's why we made Tagilcoin.


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Acquistare ,presto Tagil sarà molto costoso.